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Byron Bay Chilli Co is a trading subsidiary of The Condiment Company and we are delighted that their multi-award winning sauces have made it over to the UK....especially in time for BBQ season!

Starting with a chilli patch some 20 years ago, the owners of a Mexican food market stall in Byron Bay Australia made chilli sauce to compliment their nachos, burritos, tacos and corn chips.  Since those early days Byron Bay Chilli has become a multi award winning chilli sauce producer across the globe.

They have won awards on three different continents including the Grand Prize Scovie Award from New Mexico, for best tasting chilli sauce. Now if that doesn't tell you how good their chilli sauce is I don’t know what will! They have a range of sauces suitable for every palate and are an essential ingredient to any BBQ and dinner plate.

Why not take a look at their range of chilli sauces or check out their delicious recipes . A word of warning though, the Byron Bay Chilli range of products have been known to become habit forming!

Byronbaychilli.co.uk Web Design

The Byron Bay Chilli brand was a big focus of the website design as it was important to remain consistent with their overseas partners in Australia. We created a fresh and vibrant website, but gave it a unique UK twist. We made sure that the products are easily identifiable and very easy to purchase.

I think you’ll agree that we have been in keeping with their worldwide message ...

 “What would life be without really good chilli sauce?”

I’m off to buy their Heavenly Habanero Chilli Sauce with Mango! Why not have a look to see which one of their super sauces is your favourite.