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We were delighted to design a website for this local charity. COCO raises money for the most vulnerable children and young adults in West Sussex and the neighbouring counties.

They raise money for special baby care units, children’s hospices, special schools, equipment, toys and sensory and play areas for different groups and organisations who help support vulnerable children and young adults. They are always looking for worthy causes in the area to support so please do contact them with any requests or ideas.

COCO hold several events annually including a charity race day at Goodwood Racecourse on the 7th June 2015

COCO Project

COCO wanted a very simple website to be able to showcase the good work they are doing but also make it easy for people to be able to contact them with any fundraising ideas and suggestions. They wanted an easy to use content management system so that they were able to update their news, events and gallery whenever necessary. COCO are very happy with their brand new website - have a look and let us know what you think.